What our 2017 participants say:

Video 1

In this interview Nikki Pearce shares the reason for which it is so powerful for her to have women come together.

Video 2

In this interview Chelsea Sri Ma shares what she liked and enjoyed at the festival.

Video 3

In this interview Julie Anderson shares how the festival is both relaxing and empowering, how she has made new friends and learnt new skills.
“The festival is a Day just for yourself.”


We are passionate about supporting all our participants, including our presenters.

Catherine Radley

(2017 participant)

“I’ve always found it difficult being in groups of women, I often felt unsupported, and lonely, probably dating back to attending an all girls school for a few years. Nandini changed all of that.
I started attending Nandini’s Kakini Shakti classes, which are the epitome of the feminine, graceful and nurturing. Nandini often speaks of a women being like a flower bud, there is beauty in the bud and she needs to be allowed to come to bloom in her own time.
I attended the first Empowered Feminine Festival last year, and was overwhelmed my the wonderful offerings, circles of women supporting each other with sound healing, dance, drawing, and the most important learning, that we are our own healers.
The Empowered Feminine Festival was a turning point for me. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey of exploration of the feminine with the next Empowered Feminine Festival.”

PJ Anguilar

(2017 presenter)

“I had a fantastic time at the Festival, it was such an honour to be part of it, thank you Nandini for your vision, and to all the amazing ladies for being you. I came away feeling both lighter and stronger.”

Katrina Hinton

(2017 presenter)

“I loved the Empowered Feminine Festival for so many reasons! As a presenter it was an amazing opportunity to share my particular gift with like-minded women and feel part of a powerful community spreading love and Shakti goodness like a tsunami! The other presenters were such an extraordinarily inspiring group of women; the big problem as a participant was how to choose between workshops. Maybe if it ran over 2 days next time we could get to experience more of them?! Thank you Nandini, the creator and driving spirit and divine feminine energy behind the festival for your vision and sheer hard work bringing this gift for women to fruition. Can you do it again soon please?”