Geeti & Gyan

Geeti & Gyan are a Sydney-based kirtan and conscious music duo who bring a joyful presence to their innovative fusion of mantra, heart song, meditation, yoga and sound healing to celebrate the beauty of the heart.

Their original East-meets-West conscious music fuses contemporary and traditional kirtan and mantra with uplifting English lyrics, and features vocals, guitar, harmonium, sitar, cajon, manjira and flute.

They also incorporate celestial and grounding instruments into their opening meditations and closing sound baths, such as Alchemy crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, hand pan, shamanic drum, ocean drum, rainstick, sansula and chimes.

Geeti & Gyan are both kirtanists, accredited sound healers and naada yoga teachers. Gyan is also an accredited hatha yoga and meditation teacher and singer-songwriter, and Geeti a Soul Motion conscious dance and Kiryuho movement facilitator.

Kirtan & Sound Healing

A wonderful opportunity to open and deepen into the love we are through the power of mantra, music, meditation and community connection.

Kirtan is a call and response singing yogic practice that helps to calm the mind and expand our heart energy and consciousness. Kirtan can be practiced by anyone, regardless of whether you feel you can sing or not! It’s a deeply connecting, transformative and joyful path and potent medicine for the times we are living in. No prior experience is necessary and all are welcome!!

Geeti & Gyan’s open-hearted and inclusive facilitation enables people to relax, let go and open to uninhibited expression, deep nourishment and peace. The fruits of the practices are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all beings and mother Earth.

Heather Price

Heather Price began her counselling and energy healing practice in 1999. For the past twenty years her life and offerings have been shaped by the shamanic way. She has been teaching this way since 2004. Her passion is in developing opportunities to learn skills that help people to live calmer, more peaceful and productive lives through holistic, intuitive and conscious approaches to life’s challenges. Heather is a ceremony woman, dedicated to serving a number of women’s communities in Queensland. She is the visionary and co-founder for VisionKeepers – leadership circles in Sydney and Brisbane. Heather is a global ambassador for P2.0 which stresses the importance of literacy in all the important foundational fields that guide our choices and shape our lives.

Listening to Your Inner Voice of the True Heart
We have two voices to listen to when we find ourselves at a crossroad. One will come from the Wounded-Heart and the other from the True-Heart. And then… there can be a whole lot more ‘static’ that gets in the way of your inner conversations which you will be hoping will lead to a clean and clear decision. The Wounded-Heart looks back and is driven by the primal drive to stay safe and survive. The True-Heart is like a Giraffe. It can see in all directions and stretches past the thorny bushes to find the best fruit to choose from. Heather uses shamanic processes and practices to assist you to more confidently navigate your way into in your Inner World so you can make empowered choices.

Karen Yogini

Karen is passionate about sharing breath-led movement and poses that feel good and support healing. She has over a decade of teaching experience and is known for her gentle, nurturing and deeply relaxing style. On the Insight Timer app she shares original meditations that celebrate our connection to nature and the elements. She also hosts regular live streams of her signature Earth Yoga Ritual series.

Earth Yoga Ritual
This gentle yoga class explores the symbolic qualities of earth. Karen will lead a grounding floor-based flow, expressing and connecting to the earth element. You’ll be encouraged to tune more deeply into the present moment and surrender to the healing power of rest. Feeling deeply grounded and nurtured, you’ll finish in savasana pose for a long and blissful guided meditation.

Katrina Hinton

Katrina is a Canberra-based yoga and somatics teacher. Her teaching is a unique blend of awareness-based movement drawn from half a lifetime of studying yoga, Somatics and related movement modalities including Alexander technique. Her classes empower her students to explore, ask questions and set their own boundaries. The practices are all about fine tuning awareness of sensations and deciding what feels right for your body. Students report feeling more open, less tight and more flexible. Katrina has been intrigued but not surprised to discover that what we physically do and how we think is often reflected in our whole body, posture and movement patterns. She has spent the last 20 years seeking ways to find balance between the effects of working in computers and maintaining function and grace in movement.

Embodying the Power of Softness & Ease
This session is a taste of how we could feel if we slowed down, gripped less and softened the way we are in the world. It’s a practice in how to get out of our heads and out of our own way to be more in touch with our bodies, our sensations and how we move. We’ll be practicing gentle, feel good movements, like a whole body yawn, to reconnect our bodies and minds. These movements work on your nervous system and neural pathways to leave you feeling rebalanced and moving with comfort and ease. Somatic yoga offers us a way of releasing chronically tight muscles which we may not even be aware of, including that most mysterious one; our mind.

Lalita Devi

Lalita understands yogic practices as tools, and in her classes she helps students build a varied tool box. She sees how the play of life disconnects us from our inner Devine nature – limitless love, peace and bliss. But with the right yogic tools we can connect back, making our Devine nature our dwelling place, our home.

Lalita has completed over 1700 hours of yogic training in Australia and India. In addition she has spent two years living in a Yoga Ashram practicing the integration of yoga into daily life.

The practices taught are mostly tantric in origin and inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda. Lalita currently teaches yoga classes, workshops and retreats in and around Canberra.

Lakshmi : Connecting with the flow of Abundance
The goddess Lakshmi resides in all of us, she is our inner Devine nature of abundance. By connecting with her an abundance of love, beauty and material well-being flows effortlessly into our life. In this session I will guide you through an ancient Vedic chant to Lakshmi and the tantric deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. The session will be both deeply relaxing and energising, and allow you to discover that Lakshmi, Devine abundance, is within you!

Michelle Maher

Michelle Mahrer is an Embodiment Mentor, 5Rhythms Dance Teacher, Dance Movement Therapist, and Film maker with over 25 year’s experience in Australia and around the globe.

She is a pioneer of Conscious Dance in Australia, and founder of Radiance 5Rhythms Dance, a vibrant dance community in Sydney. Her passion is creating sacred spaces for conscious women to awaken their authenticity, joy, freedom and empowerment through embodied movement, to come home to their body, soul, and true essence.

Her dance floors catalyse transformation of old stories, trauma and disconnection, to access the healing power of the heart and unconditional love. Her mission is to uplift and contribute to the healing of humanity through guiding people to reconnect with their essential nature and wholeness through dance, so that we can become a healing channel for ourselves and all of life.

Embodiment with 5Rhythms Dance
This workshop is a movement journey to embody your power and connect with the inner ground within you working with the transformative practise of 5Rhythms dance.
Connect with the stillness in the centre of your being and learn tools to embody this space whenever you need it.

5Rhythms is a transformative movement practise to help you come home to your body, open your heart and awaken your soul and true nature.
There are no steps to follow you are invited to follow your own creative movement inspired by the music and the collective energy of the group.

Mignon Mukti

Mignon Mukti is a transformational musician, sound healer and sacred activist. Her music, sound work and community workshops embody homecoming, unity, wisdom and kindness in an unkind and divided world. From ancient women’s chants to sacred mantras Mukti leads singing circles from many traditions and gets everyone involved in the joy of singing.

Mignon offers retreats, workshops, group healings as well as private Biodynamic Craniosacral, Crystal Alchemy Bowl Therapy and sound healing sessions, meditation and Samvahan sessions called Still Tides Healing.

The Resonance of the Divine Mother Journey
In this session, we will explore the healing power of our own voice to uplift our spirits, empower our soul, balance the chakras and calm the nervous system. We will be singing ancient women’s songs from diverse traditions, Devi mantras and toning, honouring the divine feminine through song.

Mukti will take us on a journey of meditation and sound with a multitude of powerful instruments including a Grotta Sonora Italian Gong, Crystal alchemy bowls, a Spanish Lumnezia Monochord and Medicine drum.

Join Mignon Mukti on a magical journey of transformation through song and sound. Experience the joy and freedom of women singing together and opening our hearts with one voice.

Nandini Medici

Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support and guide women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature. Nandini empowers women who have lost intimate connection with their body, wisdom and femininity to rediscover and celebrate their magnetic female power, live on purpose and create more balance in their life. Nandini is, in her own words, a ‘modern yogini in progress’, she is a sacred feminine awakener & healer, a yoga and meditation teacher, and an entrepreneur. Nandini is the founder of the Empowered Feminine Festival and the Shakti Yoga Temple.

Feminine Grace – Feminine Power
Mother Earth is calling women to return home to their body, heart and soul.
The gateway is sited deep in the womb space. This session offers a Womb & Yoni Yoga practice. It is a deeply healing modality that embodies sacred women’s wisdom and awareness of the power of creation. This therapeutic and deliciously feminine approach to yoga enhances our connection with the elements and our primordial nature as creatrix and sexual beings. During this session, we receive nurturing, we remember our soulful nature, nourish our female sexual organs, and come alive with the essence of feminine grace, power and presence. It is for all women, with or without wombs, menstruating or not menstruating.

Rozalia Brien

Rozália is the founder of the modern Authentic Priestess Circle. Through her Authentic Priestess Women circles, and the use of guided meditation practices, women are encouraged to find and walk their own distinctive and personal path in today’s contemporary world.

Throughout her life’s journey Rozália has explored and completed many modalities, and these have assisted her to develop a unique and distinctive signature. Currently she is enabling both women and men to unlock their true life’s journey, Rozália achieves this through mentoring and guiding. Rozália uses a combination of Meditation, oracle, colour, dance, movement and wellbeing practices to “Bring you home to you”

Authentic Priestess: Rozalia Brien
Authentic Priestess Circle (Women’s private group)

The Authentic Priestess Women’s Circle: A Journey through the Woman’s seasons
A women’s circle is all about connecting with other women as well as with the strength of our own individual knowledge. We open ourselves up to receiving the combined feminine energies which have their own power and healing characteristics.

When you enter our women’s circle you will feel uplifted. Rozália will take you on a journey based on the four seasons of womanhood. During this journey you will experience the healing power of Spirit. Rozália will also be using the Oracle to further enhance your experience as she reveals the secrets of the Oracle. Be inspired as you awaken to your divine feminine.

Siddhi Shakti

Siddhi Shakti is an inspired chant and mantra meditation leader, sacred musician, sound & energy healer. She channels the power of sacred sound to awaken greater connection with Self. Her sessions help clear energetic baggage enabling more inner peace, empowerment and authenticity. A certified yoga of sound (nāda yoga) teacher, her guidance on sacred Sanskrit sounds helps clients lift their mantra practice to new dimensions. She offers courses, coaching, group & private energy & sound sessions.

Voicing the Goddess – Embodiment through Sound
You will be guided to an experiential practice to commune with your unique resonance and express your authentic essence as love through sound. Combining elements of toning, meditative connection, and chants to the Divine feminine, accompanied by harmonium and tampura.

Stephanie Menere

Stephanie Menere’s purpose is to guide women to understand and embrace their finances. She does this through her 4 step process to create a deep and meaningful relationship with money. She is a chartered accountant, mindset coach and soon to be yoga teacher. She believes abundance is a holistic art than can be achieved and embraced by all. She wants every woman to remember just how deserving and worthy she is. She calls it Making Money Beautiful.

How to create a beautiful relationship with money – the 4 step process to more abundance.
In this session you will be guided through how to improve your relationship with money. The better your relationship with money, the more abundance you will draw in and the better you will feel. We will begin the session by understanding what is needed to have a positive and profitable relationship money; how you can bring awareness to improve that relationship; and the action you can take after the session to draw more abundance into your life.

You will leave this session with a tool box to draw upon that sees you creating and achieving financial goals and most importantly loving your money!

Swaha Devi

Swaha Devi is passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their sense-ual nature, their deep inner stillness and to experience deeper pleasure in every day life. Swaha combines 19 years experience as a Devotional (Bhakti) Yoga / meditation teacher and shamanic healer, with Breathwork, bodywork and sensuality coaching. She works one on one and with groups within Australia and Internationally.

She believes that through presence, stillness, body connection and pleasure, we can create our best life, and live with contentment, Grace and Joy.

Awakening your Feminine Superpowers
Awaken three of your feminine superpowers – through easy and delicious Sensual Embodiment practices. During this workshop you will learn and practice 3 potent energy and embodiment techniques to connect to your feminine power and pleasure, come into a deeper sense of self confidence and safety in your own body, and shine the way you were born to.

This will enable you to:

– Connect to your powerful, sensual feminine presence, to be seen, heard and more magnetic to the life you desire.
– Learn to allow pleasure to lead you in your every day life.
– Stay true to yourself.