Andrew Anthony

Andrew Anthony, from Warrior Kind, is a 500hr registered yoga teacher, yoga blogger and student of the practice. As a teacher he aims to help students remember who they already are through surrender, courage and connection to self and their practice. Andrew is inspired by embodying an elegant and graceful masculinity free from restrictive social norms. By showing up authentically through divine masculine/ feminine balance he hopes to allow others to live and express as they are in their heart.

Light-hearted Shiva Shakti Flow (Sunday)
Join Andrew in a light-hearted Shiva Shakti Flow. This vinyasa style flow will ground students in breath whilst exploring movement and yoga asanas which embody the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. Through the practice the two energies will be intertwined so balance and experience of opposition blends into union.

Annika Dash

Annika took up yoga in her late teens and fell in love with it. Annika believes that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is not about doing the perfect asana (pose) but is more about each student experiencing the asana in their own way, connecting, understanding and accepting their own body with its abilities and limitations. Annika has completed teacher trainings in Vinyasa Flow, Core and Restorative Yoga as well as Meditation and Mindfulness. She also has a Diploma of Fitness and is a qualified Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach. Annika enjoys sharing the joy and many benefits of yoga with athletes, from the complete beginner to the advanced Yogi.

Balancing out Masculine and Feminine energies
In this modern day and age many of us spend the majority of our time activating masculine energy. Work, Sport and daily life require us to be in the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight mode). This mode is important as it gives us bursts of energy and allows us to perform. However, we do not have to be stressed to perform! It is possible to be relaxed and focused through balancing our masculine with our feminine. Activating our feminine activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest mode). In this session, we will unwind and recover from our busy modern lives by tapping into our feminine energy, exploring gentle movement, calming restorative poses, breathwork and meditation thus creating a feeling of wholesomeness.

Amanda Mackenzie

Amanda found one aspect of her voice in the Jazz Vocals course at the Sydney Conservatorium and has used that voice singing in a range of bands and choirs ever since. She’s led a number of choirs and musical projects enabling others to discover and enjoy music making. As a holistic psychotherapist Amanda is passionate about supporting clients find another aspect of their voice as they explore their story and express their truth. Amanda is currently developing a project about chanting, which brings together the human voice, spiritual expression and the community.

Claiming Your Voice
The energy of the blue chakra, also known as Vishudda, is concerned with expressing our truth. When the throat chakra is activated, our communication opens up, we speak freely and with integrity; matching our interactions with our intention. In this workshop you’ll open your throat chakra and connect with your voice in new ways. You’ll expand your personal voice and discover the power it holds. We’ll sing together to find our place in the sacred, universal vibration. You’ll be surprised what your voice can do, especially if you consider yourself to be a non-singer.

Brendan Mulhall

My passion for the shadow work and mindfulness is derived from a career in providing management training and consultancy services since the 80s. I have qualifications in Psychology and Human Resource Management and have been using methods such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC Systems for over 25 years. It wasn’t until I came the Enneagram 14 years ago, that I found a tool that not only provided a rich map of human diversity but could be used as a guide for human spirituality and transformation including shadow work. The shadow work has helped me with my personal journey and provided an amazing and insightful process for understanding and overcoming my personal unconscious barriers and experiencing a more fulfilling life.

Shadow Work
This session will focus on understanding and using shadow work as a way for transforming our life. Beneath the persona or social mask we wear in day-to-day existence we have a hidden shadow side that directs our behaviour – the impulses, reactions, feelings and emotions. This side contains all the things we generally don’t want to deal with in our life. This shadow can also be a source of emotional richness, creativity and energy and working with can lead to the living of an authentic life. This session will provide an overview to the various approaches in shadow work based on the work of Carl Jung and then allow participants to experience the work in a small group.

Eva Darmajeti

I am Eva, facilitator of Dance Your Life. I enjoy self-explorative movement, dance and how this creative art form moves my body, feelings and my own music within me. I felt a yearning to experience connection, dance, expression together. My inner calling drew me to learn about dance therapy. I gave myself the space to connect, discover, unfold deeper within myself through self-explorative movement. Within the Dance Your Life experience, I hold space for people to express their life by exploring their resistances, choices through their own movements and invite them to apply their learnings in their life.

Dancing, moving to Self-love
You are invited on a journey in moving to self-love. Through your own movement, dance, you will have the opportunity to open up what’s holding you back to moving to self-love, explore different choices and what self-love feels for you. You are invited to strengthen your heart, your spirit and love for yourself. You will be given time to integrate your journey and be encouraged to practice a regular self-love action in your life.

Girishaa Westley

Girishaa is an Ayurveda practitioner and Yoga teacher. She established the first Ayurveda practice in Newcastle, NSW in 2006 and after completing her yoga studies in 2015 remained at Mangrove Yoga Ashram teaching both Ayurveda and Yoga. Her Dharma (life path) is to share her experience and the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga in a way that inspires and empowers women to fulfil their own dharma. Whatever she teaches she lives, so she fully appreciates what is involved in adopting a healthier, more fulfilling way of living, while navigating life in today’s world.Girishaa currently practices Ayurveda in Newcastle and runs themed Ayurveda & Yoga retreats in Australia, Bali & Thailand under the banner of

You, Your Hormones and the Moon
As women, our creative energy (Shakti Prana) exists in the womb and determines our vitality and health on every level of our being – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Combining both the ancient wisdom and modern reality of feminine health, this session is all about reconnecting with your creative energy. You will learn…

  • How dis-stress impacts your hormones and how this plays out in day to day life
  • How to re-awaken your connection with the lunar rhythms
  • Simple practices to revitalise and restore your prana and improve every aspect of your life.

No medicine, no matter how powerful, can replace our own.

Heather Price

Heather Price began her counselling and energy healing practice in 1999. For the past twenty years her life and offerings have been shaped by the shamanic way. She has been teaching this way since 2004. Her passion is in developing opportunities to learn skills that help people to live calmer, more peaceful and productive lives through holistic, intuitive and conscious approaches to life’s challenges. Heather is a ceremony woman, dedicated to serving a number of women’s communities in Queensland. She is the visionary and co-founder for VisionKeepers – leadership circles in Sydney and Brisbane. Heather is a global ambassador for P2.0 which stresses the importance of literacy in all the important foundational fields that guide our choices and shape our lives.

Listening to Your Inner Voice of the True Heart
We have two voices to listen to when we find ourselves at a crossroad. One will come from the Wounded-Heart and the other from the True-Heart. And then… there can be a whole lot more ‘static’ that gets in the way of your inner conversations which you will be hoping will lead to a clean and clear decision. The Wounded-Heart looks back and is driven by the primal drive to stay safe and survive. The True-Heart is like a Giraffe. It can see in all directions and stretches past the thorny bushes to find the best fruit to choose from. Heather uses shamanic processes and practices to assist you to more confidently navigate your way into in your Inner World so you can make empowered choices.

Kate Lilly

Kate is a postnatal (or postpartum) doula, a role that involves holding space and supporting new parents, both practically and emotionally, through the early days and weeks after a new baby is born. Having always been fascinated with wellbeing and different cultures, Kate also has degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. She is a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional, and runs The Flying Doula Service.

Nurturing the Feminine: Wisdom from Postpartum Traditions
What can we learn from postpartum traditions across the world about protecting and encouraging the feminine ways of knowing and being? Cultural traditions around supporting a new mother are surprisingly similar, from Asia to the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Pacific, as she goes through a significant neurological transformation that prioritises the feminine. In this session we will consider what the main principles of these traditions are, the literal neurological transformation they support, and how everyone (regardless of gender or whether you’re a parent) could bring these principles that nurture and protect the feminine into their lives.

Karen Coombes

Karen is an explorer of creative movement of all kinds. She is passionate about sharing simple and creative movement and meditation techniques that feel good. She has many years of experience teaching yin and restorative yoga, and she is known for her gentle, nurturing and deeply relaxing yoga classes. While yoga can be a deeply private and individual practice, she loves how partner yoga brings people together, brings joy, builds trust and deepens connection.

Heart-to-Heart Partner Yoga
Karen will lead a playful group yoga sequence to bring our vibrant community together, before moving into a gentle, grounding and connecting partner yoga flow designed to open the heart. She will guide you through mindfulness practices that explore the senses and help you tune more deeply into the present moment. Learn to give and receive some simple Thai yoga massage techniques, honouring your partner with touch, support and loving presence. Feeling deeply nurtured and rested, we will finish with a long and blissful savasana, close to the Earth and to each other.

Katrina Hinton

Katrina is a Canberra-based yoga and somatics teacher. Her teaching is a unique blend of awareness-based movement drawn from half a lifetime of studying yoga, Somatics and related movement modalities including Alexander technique. Her classes empower her students to explore, ask questions and set their own boundaries. The practices are all about fine tuning awareness of sensations and deciding what feels right for your body. Students report feeling more open, less tight and more flexible. Katrina has been intrigued but not surprised to discover that what we physically do and how we think is often reflected in our whole body, posture and movement patterns. She has spent the last 20 years seeking ways to find balance between the effects of working in computers and maintaining function and grace in movement.

Embodying the Power of Softness & Ease
This session is a taste of how we could feel if we slowed down, gripped less and softened the way we are in the world. It’s a practice in how to get out of our heads and out of our own way to be more in touch with our bodies, our sensations and how we move. We’ll be practicing gentle, feel good movements, like a whole body yawn, to reconnect our bodies and minds. These movements work on your nervous system and neural pathways to leave you feeling rebalanced and moving with comfort and ease. Somatic yoga offers us a way of releasing chronically tight muscles which we may not even be aware of, including that most mysterious one; our mind.

Kerren Huggett

Keren Huggett is an energy healer, she uses both her intuitive feels in play with her studied modalities to support and hold others on their healing journey. Keren is called to work primarily with the rising feminine energies. She is guided, supported by spirit and the great mother to shine her light on the darker energies each and every one of us hold. Keren is also an early childhood Consultant and is based in Canberra .

Reconnect with Energetic Balance
Most of us have been educated to believe in the duality paradigm. You know ; day and night, up and down, wrong and right, winner and loser….you get what I mean! This reality is crumbling as many of us have been healing. We have been healing our ancestral patterning and behaviours, our wounded bits and our beliefs. We feel the importance and have a longing for peace. For equilibrium. For inner embodied love, acceptance and balance. Join Keren in Sacred Space for a playful movement based ‘balance up’ for sovereignty. You will walk away from this session feeling harmonised in your being and you will receive some strategies to keep balanced in our crazy world.

Kieran O’Callaghan

For over 40 years Kieran has coached, mentored and conducted transformative programs for thousands of individuals and organisations. At the heart of Kieran’s approach is supporting people in their quest to achieve the highest levels of health, happiness and authentic success. Kieran has also been active in award- winning large scale projects to bring together leaders, and the community to promote peace, reconciliation and intercultural harmony. Kieran is one of Australia’s most experienced meditation teacher and has studied with some of the world’s great meditation and yoga masters. He is the founder and director of InSync Body Mind Life and the InSync System providing both 1:1 and online courses to support people enjoy 200% of life!

Workshop #1:
Conscious Awakening with the Shiva Shakti Dance
Find out how masculine and feminine polarities can support each other in creating a beautiful life and in awakening for spiritual growth. This session presents the opportunity to gain more understanding and knowledge about the yogic and tantric perspective on the dance of the masculine (Shiva) and the feminine (Shakti). This one-hour talk is designed to support your experience in awakening in your everyday life with or without a partner.

Workshop #2:
Experience closeness with your Beloved (facilitated by Kieran & Nandini)
Bring your beloved along and experience a combination of partner Yoga, couple’s meditation and intimate closeness in a safe supportive and loving environment. Tantra is an embodiment and a mindfulness practice that helps us feel more connected with our body and with another in an intelligent intimate and holistic way. There is a common misconception that tantra is about sex. The tantric path is all encompassing and can include sex. Ultimately, in its essence, tantra is the path of the masculine and the feminine energies dancing together to find balance, harmony, joy and sacred union. This is a gentle and safe class that will leave you feeling deeply connected with your beloved. All couples welcome!

Lalita Devi

Lalita understands yogic practices as tools, and in her classes she helps her students build a varied tool box. She sees how the play of life disconnects us from our inner Devine nature – infinite love, peace and bliss. But with the right yogic tools we can connect back, and make our Devine nature our dwelling place, our home. Lalita has completed over 1600 hours of yogic training and recently anchored her training by living two years within a Yoga Ashram. The practices she teaches are mostly tantric in origin and inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda.

Lakshmi : Connecting with the flow of Abundance
The goddess Lakshmi resides in all of us, she is our inner Devine nature of abundance. By connecting with her an abundance of love, beauty and material well-being flows effortlessly into our life. In this session I will guide you through an ancient Vedic chant to Lakshmi and the tantric deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. The session will be both deeply relaxing and energising, and allow you to discover that Lakshmi, Devine abundance, is within you!

Morgan Jai Morincome

Morgan is a qualified meditation guide and holistic psychotherapist with a
background in education, community development and expressive arts. She works
with women who want to develop and deepen their connection with their inner
wisdom and sense of sacred through facilitating supportive processes and practices that provide a safe passage in which to cultivate awareness, compassion and meaning. Growing up amongst a yogic community, Morgan was immersed in a variety of
meditation and sacred sound practices from a young age and continues to be a
lifelong learner and practitioner of a variety of practices across different wisdom traditions.

In Your Voice Lives Your Truth
Voice and sound have been used across wisdom traditions as a powerful vehicle for meditation, prayer, healing and connecting with our inner truth. In this experiential vocal sound meditation circle you will be gently guided and supported in an embodied exploration and expression of your inner voice and body’s instinctive wisdom. Together we will embark on a personal and collective journey in to the sacred inner wild landscapes of feelings, sensations and intuitive knowing as experienced directly in the body. These simple yet powerful practices support us to come home to ourselves by fully and compassionately inhabiting our bodies in the present moment and opening to the truth of our experience just as it is.

Nandini Medici

Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support and guide women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature. Nandini empowers women who have lost intimate connection with their body, wisdom and femininity to rediscover and celebrate their magnetic female power, live on purpose and create more balance in their life. Nandini is, in her own words, a ‘modern yogini in progress’, she is a sacred feminine awakener & healer, a yoga and meditation teacher, and an entrepreneur. Nandini is the founder of the Empowered Feminine Festival and the Shakti Yoga Temple. She is also the co-manager of InSync Body Mind Life with her husband Kieran O’Callaghan.

Feminine Grace – Feminine Power
Mother Earth is calling women to return home to their body, heart and soul.
The gateway is sited deep in the womb space. This session offers a Womb & Yoni Yoga practice. It is a deeply healing modality that embodies sacred women’s wisdom and awareness of the power of creation. This therapeutic and deliciously feminine approach to yoga enhances our connection with the elements and our primordial nature as creatrix and sexual beings. During this session, we receive nurturing, we remember our soulful nature, nourish our female sexual organs, and come alive with the essence of feminine grace, power and presence. It is for all women, with or without wombs, menstruating or not menstruating.

Rozalia Brien

Rozália has crossed many paths in her life. As a young child she travelled across Europe with her parents. In her adult life her search truly began as her life changed dramatically at the age of 20, through a near death experience. This one event changed her from that day onward. Throughout her journey she has “explored” and completed many modalities, then in 2001, Rozália met the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and she was immediately in awe. Through colour and energy healing Rozália believes that promoting the flow of energy in your body helps your body balance. Rozalia offers Aura-Soma Equilibrium consultations and is the creatrix and guardian of the popular Authentic Priestess Circle Facebook group.

The Secret Language of Colour
Colour is a universal language. Each colour carries an array of messages that speak to the different levels of our experience. The seeds of understanding the language of colour is contained within each of us, and a knowing reflected in our everyday language, when we speak of feeling Blue, seeing Red, being Green with envy. We use colours to support us in our daily living whether we are aware of it or not, when we select our clothes for the day or when we decorate our living space. How often have your chosen a particular colour because it makes you feel good, or confident or it is calming or uplifting? Join this workshop to understand how you can use colours to empower you and create freedom in honouring your unique self-expression.

Siddhi Shakti

Siddhi Shakti has trained as an energy and transformational therapist to assist clients in a deep and profound way, shifting blockages to wellbeing, self-worth, authenticity and empowerment. She has undertaken intensive studies in consciousness, mantra, sacred music and application of healing through sound.
She is a certified yoga of sound teacher (Yoga Alliance),and has received extensive training and initiation into Vedic mantra and ceremony to facilitate sacred rituals.

Voicing the Goddess – Embodiment through Sound
You will be guided to an experiential practice to commune with your unique resonance and express your authentic essence as love through sound. Combining elements of toning, meditative connection, and chants to the Divine feminine, accompanied by harmonium and tanpura.

Sunny Forsyth

Sunny Forsyth, a Canberra – based facilitator, speaker, engineer, and teacher guides people in the realms of change & empowerment, global sustainability, and embodied medical & wisdom practices.Sunny is inspired to share with others how they can embody timeless wisdom for maximum wellness, vitality, and personal power in the modern World. Sunny’s embodiment-driven teaching draws from his own stillness meditation practice and a decade of intensive study and practice with renowned Qigong masters. Drawing from these ancient sources, as well as the deep lineages of Healing Love, and Internal Alchemy. Sunny seeks to create a transformational experience for people longing to restore their natural harmony and connection to the life force.

Soul Sex: an experiential journey
In Chinese philosophy the World is made of complementary opposites; yin and yang polarities. Through balancing these polarities adepts seek to bring harmony to themselves, their relationships, and the World as a whole. Sunny will take you on a journey into your depth, past the familiar polarities that define your gender, your personality, and your role in the World. You will learn a soul ritual that you can take home with you to your intimate relationships to transcend the limitations of physical intimacy into the realm of soul intimacy. You are free to practice with your intimate partner and experience your destinies becoming intertwined. You will create new sexual polarities on higher levels that evolve your consciousness and earthly experience, instead of drying up your physically-based connection.

Swaha Devi

Swaha Devi is passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their sense-ual nature, to experience orgasmic energy in every day life, and to use this to become magnets to attracting the partner, job and life that they want and really deserve. Swaha Devi combines 17 years experience as a Devotional (Bhakti) Yoga / meditation teacher and energy healer, with Breathwork, Shamanic healing, bodywork and sensuality coaching. She works one on one and with groups within Australia and Internationally. She believes that combining meditation and transcendence with connecting deeply with the sweet rawness of our humanness and bodies is the key to a happy, healthy and juiced up life.

The Art of Feminine Presence (Saturday)
Learn how to be unapologetic and unshakable in your feminine power, even in the most challenging situations. During this workshop you will learn 3 potent energy and embodiment practices to TURN YOURSELF ON, come into a deep sense of self confidence and safety in your own body, and shine the way you were born to. This will let you:

-Connect to your powerful, sensual feminine presence to be seen, heard and magnetic to the life you desire.
-Stay true to yourself, even when people you care about have a different opinion than you.
-Safeguard your energy, rather that letting it be “taken” by others.

Men’s workshop – (Sunday)
Owning Your Masculinity to Create more Passion, Confidence and Success. What does it mean to be a “real man” in an increasing “feminist” era? How do you feel confident in your potent, authentic and inspiring masculine nature without being worried you are overbearing, or threatening to a woman who is empowered and independent? During this workshop we’ll use easy meditation, mantra and body awareness to connect to, and tangibly feel your masculine power (an unstoppable, yet loving and protective creative force). Standing unapologetically in this power is vital to maintaining long term passion and attraction in your intimate relationship, makes relating to empowered women easier, and helps you to create the life you want.


Born in Queensland, Toni-Maree works as an Anxiety Coach in Canberra and throughout Australia. Toni-Maree translates the latest in scientific Anxiety research and skilled knowledge; into practical, easy to understand tools for anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed or alone. Providing strategies that really work, Toni-Maree encourages and informs her clients whilst supporting them to regain normalcy. Toni-Maree empowers her clients to create calm, happy and peaceful lives; allowing them to more easily manage life’s ups and downs, re-connect and nurture themselves.
Toni-Maree’s kind-hearted approach and sensitive nature has a nurturing and calming effect as she provides you with personalised practical tools to apply in life.

Calm Centred Soul Re-Connection
Reconnect to your inner goddess through the art of calm and squash chaos by delving into your secret centre. Too often in today’s fast-paced and stressed-out world we forget to put ourselves first and so lose our connection to the feminine self, heart and soul. Together let’s rediscover your centre of calm and what it is to be YOU again. Walk away with a greater understanding of who you are and how you can live a luscious life in tune with your wise inner goddess. Gain practical knowledge and skills to enable you to reconnect to your true self. Join me at the festival; in catching and savouring your inner calm goddess.