About Us

Our Vision

The Empowered Feminine Festival envisions a world in which women feel safe to trust and express their feminine energy + wisdom as well as awaken to their full potential both in their balanced masculine and feminine polarities.

We believe that by empowering women to awaken and consolidate their feminine, men, children and the whole world benefits.

We believe that by empowering women to awaken to their own feminine, the whole world benefits, including men and children.

We believe that the world is craving for the sacred feminine to return and that it is the fastest way to create positive global change for all including for the Earth. We believe the wellness of a family or a nation starts with the wellness of women.

Our Mission & Commitment

Our mission is to inspire and promote change in the world by assisting women to ignite their feminine wisdom and power to uplift their personal life, family and community.

Our commitment is to offer a fun, profound, uplifting and connecting day and to serve women to create opportunities for connection, sisterhood, networking, sharing tools, inspiring and igniting passion for making the world a greater place for all.

The whole day is dedicated to women. Men and children are warmly welcome and invited to join in the evening programs.

We have gathered a rainbow of talented and inspiring presenters to support you in your journey.

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Reclaiming the Feminine

Throughout the world, we are currently witnessing the resurgence of the feminine in both obvious and quiet ways. It is becoming more and more blatant-evident to men and women that the out of balanced masculine ways we have been exposed to are running our lives and our nations. It has created a huge imbalance and is no longer sustainable on personal and global levels.

Reclaiming the feminine is not another feminist movement or an extension of feminism. Put very simply it is the call of the heart. (To find out more please check out our e-book.)

In this new paradigm, we might wonder:

  • How do we reclaim something that we are not so familiar with?
  • How do we re-awaken something that has been dormant in us without creating further imbalances (eg going to another extreme)?
  • How do we let go of unhelpful beliefs about the feminine?

The EFF exists to respond to these enquiries whether you are just curious about it or whether you have been engaged in a deep personal and/or global exploration.

Feminine Empowerment

We understand feminine empowerment as:

  • An awakening to our deeper love nature
  • Trusting our innate feminine and masculine resources to create sustainability
  • Opening up to understanding each other from a compassionate place
    Befriending our challenges and reaching out for support
  • Prioritizing more joy, pleasure and nurturing into our lives
  • Loving and honouring our body regardless of its shape or colour
  • Enlivening what we share in common in the spirit of sisterhood
  • Creating and co-creating our lives rather than victimizing ourselves or blaming
  • Developing a greater understanding of the powerful feminine energies in conjunction with understanding and honouring the power of the sacred masculine
  • Celebrating and embracing our differences as equal

For more, check our e-book:

21 Keys to unlock Your Empowered She
Foundations, Essentials and Deepening
A Step by Step Guide Revealing the Keys to Enliven Your Empowered SHE

Supporting Others

The EFF donates 10% of the proceeds to two charities:

  • Embracing the world
  • A Sound Life

The EFF provides goodwill tickets to women in financial or emotional difficulties and to women who have graciously donated of their time and energy.

Who is Behind the Empowered Feminine Festival?

The Empowered Feminine Festival is the initiative and creation of Nandini Medici.
Nandini created the first EFF in 2016.
Find out more about Nandini in our free festival booklet.


The Empowered feminine Festival acknowledges the traditional custodians of the ACT and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from other nations and their ongoing connections to country. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, and to their elders past and present.

I would like to express much gratitude to all those who have supported us and continuously support the festival.
Special thanks to InSync Body Mind Life for providing such an uplifting venue, to Kieran my husband for his ongoing support and faith in me and in the festival and to all my amazing friends and girlfriends for believing in me and in this project and for being a source of strength, fun, inspiration and connection.

A warm thank you to all our students, participants and helpers without whom this festival would not be made possible.

With much gratitude,