We have gathered a colourful tapestry of professional speakers, healers, teachers, sacred space holders, story tellers, shamans, influencers, kirtanists, dancers, bhaktas, tantrikas…for you to enjoy a magnificent day!
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Suzanna Thell

About Suzanna
Suzanna merged Dru yoga with her skills as an early childhood teacher and established the Yoga Garden in 2005. Since then she has been planting seeds, delivering yoga and meditation to children, families, child care centres and schools all around Canberra.

Suzanna is author of a children’s yoga story, Deer-lightful, which is an outward expression of her passion. She aims to develop in children a healthy sense of who they are, to help them awaken to the greatness of their own divine essence, so they can tap into their unlimited potential.

Deer-lightfully Me : A conscious approach to parenting

At around the age of 3 we start to use the word “I”, soon to be followed by the word  want”…and the wanting monster is born. He hides within as we grow into adulthood and we continue to seek and strive for those things we think will bring us happiness or perhaps even enlightenment.
This experiential workshop looks at ways to embrace conscious parenting bringing more joy into this ever-so-important role. It includes Deer-lightful yoga, profound relaxation and delicious meditation that models a way in which we can share these gifts with our children.
Enjoy the journey into your be-you-tiful self, discovering we have all the resources within to have peaceful, happy hearts and to be Deer-lightfully Me.

Daniela Falero

About Daniela:

Daniela has over 20 years experience as a trainer and IT consultant to some of Australia’s leading companies.  She is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Master NLP Practitioner, transformation coach, Ignite Your Spirit therapist, and proud mum. Daniela offers individual consultations, meditations and workshops as a way to approaching our lives with inspiration, self-love, reverence and gratitude. Her classes are filled with heart-wisdom inviting you to gently awaken the bliss within and ignite your own inner connection.

Shakti Yoga : A Journey into The Awakening of the Goddess

It is time for all of us to become awaken, to tap into our divine goddess nature and do what it’s important to create a better world – one that is filled with love and peace for all.
Join Daniela for this special journey into The Awakening of the Goddess. Experience the inner journey of spirit, and be part of the necessary change in consciousness that can heal humanity and Mother Earth.
Daniela will share in a practical way that we can all create an integral practice of meditation, yoga and prayer to connect body, mind and spirit with the purpose of expressing our commitment to be the change you want to see in the world. Say Yes! to this invitation and commence your journey of awakening the Goddess within.

Genevieve Hassal

About Genevieve:
Genevieve has been practising yoga for over 20 years, originating in the yoga genres of Hatha and Iyengar yoga. It has been a constant in her life being a powerful tool for managing anxiety, self-acceptance and awareness. The offer not only of the physical but the philosophical is what has kept her turning to yoga through her life and it is gentle unassuming presence in showing rather than telling. Genevieve has been teaching yoga for four years in a variety of settings – parks, scout halls, workspaces, home studio, yoga studios and gyms. She loves witnessing the diversity of expressions and people’s own discoveries through their own practice and adapts her classes so they are accessible for the majority.

A Heart-Centered Yoga Practice

This 60 minute session will encompass heart opening breathing, asanas and meditation. The session will explore the theme of the heart in yoga as the source of innate wisdom, truth, courage, compassion and acceptance. It will look at the meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Anahata’ (the heart chakra) – ‘unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten’ and the power of the unbounded heart. The session will include breathing and postures that extend, expand, lift, and add more mobility and space to the thoracic cavity. It will ask participants to think of what a heart centered yoga practice means for them both in their life and their yoga practice.

Heather Price

About Heather:
Born second of five girls, Heather grew up in the Australian bush. She drew strength from moral support of her sisters and rebelled against tradition. Heather maintained her place as keeper of the land as a wife and mother. A change in circumstance saw her move to the city and a different life. Her love for nature never subsided, committing to a shamanic path, Mother Earth and the spirits that have always guided her. Heather has fought for her rights as woman, and took the archetypal journeys of Warrior Woman, Queen, Shamanic Healer, Priestess, Eagle Woman, and Daughter of Earth and Sun to find comfort as Woman, Sister, Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother.

Reclaim the Beauty & Power of Being Woman through Archetypal Expression

A workshop on personal empowerment, guided by teachings from the Sacred Circle, and Shamanic Path and Practice.

You will be guided to come to explore and understand the four main worlds that you step into each day that bring you into a place of Wholeness: for the health, wellbeing and comfort of your body, to enable you to deeply and freely experience and express your emotions and make loving connections, to support your mind into a place of certainty and clarity, and to inspire you into confident leadership and purpose. Some may relate these energies to the way of the Daughter of Earth and Sun, Warrior Woman, Queen, Priestess, and/or Goddess.

Jen Brown of Yogasana Fitness

About Jen:
For me yoga is a very personal experience. After 23 years, the time spent on my yoga mat has proven to be very influential in how I live and perceive my life. The discoveries that I have made there are the reasons why I began teaching yoga, in the hope that my guidance might help others to make discoveries for themselves about their lives. Partner and Group yoga are especially important to me as they remind us that we can share this yogic experience with others and create more fulfilling lives by doing so.

Creating Connections

We are electrical beings with ions travelling through our bodies in order to keep our nervous system up and running. This electricity can travel from ourselves to others with just one touch. By holding hands we can complete the circuit and even (with the right equipment) charge up a lightbulb! But beyond the electrical science, we are able to sense positive energy from others when we touch. Their touch can bring us comfort, happiness and make us feel complete. Join me for a group yoga session in which we will maintain our connection with others throughout the practice and participate in activities that will harmonise our energy with others giving us a sense of wholeness and contentment.

Karen Coombes

About Karen:
Karen has been sharing yoga with Canberra students for five years. She offers a gentle yoga alternative including yin and restorative yoga, integrating meditation and mindfulness into all her classes. In the last few years she has also been guiding deep relaxation workshops by candlelight, much to the delight of her students. Karen is passionate about sharing simple and creative movement and breathing techniques that feel good. She creates spaces for students to breathe deeply, relax and let go. She helps students experience blissful moments of freedom by guiding them home to the present moment. You can find her online at

Connect with qualities of softness, surrender and acceptance

Karen offers a yin-based practice inviting you to take it slow and connect with qualities of softness, surrender and acceptance. Simple yin and restorative yoga poses and meditation techniques will help nurture a relaxation and healing response in your body. You will be carefully supported by props and blankets so you can fully relax and let go. Intention-setting and themes of self-care, love and gratitude will be woven into the session, gently warming your heart. You will be guided through a blissful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) meditation to finish. A gentle and mindful way to start the day and balance your yang energies.

Kate Clement

About Kate:
Biodanza School Director & Group Facilitator

Kate facilitates Biodanza with heart, soul, passion and juicy vitality. Since 2002 she has brought the dance of life to boardrooms, government, community clinics, women’s safe houses, children, parents & schools.

She completed Biodanza training in South Africa and Brazil and is now a Director of the School of Australia, giving the 3-year training of Biodanza facilitators. She is skilled and experienced with facilitation using Deep Democracy, the Lewis Method and doing corporate training.

“I love sharing Biodanza because it connects us deeply to the life within ourselves, each other and the cosmos and calls us to the origins of love.“

Falling in Love with Life

Opening the festival with a sweet, wild and rich tapestry of shared song, dance and music. Together we will invite the full, juiciness of life to flow through us and to connect to the force of life that lives within us.
Dances that call to your strength, to the strength of all of your line, your lineage of life all the way back to the first woman, celebrating together, seeing each other, all the beauty and diversity and strength and wild wonderfulness of each precious being. Biodanza – the Dances of Life was born in South America and is now embraced around the world. It is an uplifting fusion of music, dance, movement and social connection.

Katrina Hinton

About Katrina:
Katrina has been teaching yoga since 2009 in Canberra and began her first class here at Insync. Since her initial 500 hour training at Nature Care College in Sydney she has been seeking a deeper understanding and skills to help people let go of patterns of tension to find ease, joy and grace in their movement again. She is committed to sharing a gentle system called Somatics which helps us re-learn the way we move and to adopt more functional movement patterns. It is a very effective method and way of being that engages our non-judgemental curiosity, perceiving the quality of our movements and how we habitually respond to the world.

Freedom Within, Freedom Without

“Freedom comes through awareness of one’s ability to sense and control oneself from the inside out as we move through life.”

Do you recognise the lyrics from the old Crowded House song: Don’t Dream it’s Over? The lyrics are about refusing to allow a precious relationship to end. This session is about practical nurturing of that precious relationship we have with our mind and body. A theme central to the Empowering Feminine Festival developing the skills to enhance our enjoyment of life and feel pleasure in ourselves. In this session we’ll experience a taste of ease and freedom through tuning in to the quality of our movements and practicing some delicious moves that are not only sensuous but functionally supportive as well.

Keren Hugget

About Keren:
Keren Huggett is an energy healer, she uses both her intuitive feels in play with her studied modalities to support and hold others on their healing journey. Keren is called to work primarily with the rising feminine energies. She is guided, supported by spirit and the great mother to shine her light on the darker energies each and every one of us hold. Keren is also an early childhood Consultant and is based in Canberra.

The Shadow Dance

We are all here with Mumma Gaia. We have all chosen to be here, on our healing journey, re learning how to love ourselves whole. Consciously or unconsciously we aspire to return to balance and sovereignty. To accept, love and honor all of ourselves
Our darker shadow aspects hold such wisdom, can bring up HUGE feels and at times are deeply overwhelming. Join Keren and explore a different perspective on dancing with your darkness. We will be celebrating all our aspects with movement and self-care embodiment practices that support your shadow walk.


About Lalita:
Lalita understands yogic practices as tools, and in her classes she helps her students build a varied tool box. She sees how the play of life disconnects us from our inner Divine nature – infinite love, peace and bliss. But with the right yogic tools we can connect back, and make our Divine nature our dwelling place, our home. Lalita has completed over 1600 hours of yogic training and recently anchored her training by living two years within a Yoga Ashram. The practices she teaches are mostly tantric in origin and inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda.

The Goddess Lakshmi

The Goddess Lakshmi resides in all of us, she is our inner Divine nature of abundance. By connecting with her an abundance of love, beauty and material well-being flows effortlessly into our life. In this session I will guide you through an ancient Vedic chant to Lakshmi and the tantric deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. The session will be both deeply relaxing and energising, and allow you to discover that Lakshmi, Divine abundance, is within you!

Hollie Bakerbolijkovac

About Hollie:

Hollie is an Integrative Therapist and Coach at Braidwood Holistic Therapies. She is an experienced Women’s Mysteries facilitator, including menstrual education and Rites of Passage, with a deep interest in honouring life’s transitions. Hollie is the coordinator of Wise Women Gathering, founder of the Institute for Self-Crafting, and co-host of the Self Crafted Wellness Radio show. She is a Certified Movnat Trainer and Self Defence Teacher, utilising movement and Motion as a pathway to self-empowerment. Hollie chairs the Braidwood Says NO to Violence Committee, where she lectures on recognising and responding to DFV.

Rhythm of Wellness

The Rhythm of Life is a map for Self-Crafting: navigating the Inner and Outer Realms by understanding the flow of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and our Bodies. When we move in flow with this rhythm, life becomes full of ease and joy. This map is a guide to journey the paths of physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual health, in order to create a life that sets you free.

Join Hollie for an exploration of the Rhythm of Life via natural movement. Discover the women’s map for being in flow with life and everything in it, so that you can navigate your health and wellness practices with ease, according to the wisdom of the Rhythm.

Maeva Rousse

About Maeva:
Maeva is an advocate for the wellness and balance of the Feminine, for the wellbeing of families and the respect for our planet earth. Maeva is a Therapist in Psycho-Energy, as well as a kinesiologist and a hypnotherapist, and specialises in re-balancing Yin and Yang energy centres. She is also a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher from the Shivananda School, and is Nandini’s first yoga teacher and mentor. Maeva has been teaching and practicing for over 35 years in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Maeva is coming all the way from Tahiti to join us, and is a native French speaker, so there will be a translator for the session.

Feeling Good the Feminine Way & Healing the Feminine

The concept of wellness is unique to each one of us. This diversity is what gives power to the session I will be offering.

Let’s come together to create a healing goddess mandala. We will be lying down in relaxation. We will bring our awareness to its highest vibratory level; in a place in space and time where anything is possible. We will allow our femininity to be revealed to us, to be acknowledged, and healed and transformed and beautified. We will use visualisation techniques and the energy of sisterhood. This process will enable you to create an anchor in your life to make any changes needed in your life and to nurture the sacred feminine energy that lives in you. Together, in the spirit of sisterhood we empower and nurture our femininity and our sense of serenity.

This is a gift for you and also for all the women in the world and for the Universal Mother.

Nandini Medici

About Nandini:
Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature. Nandini empowers women who have lost intimate connection with their body, wisdom and femininity to rediscover their magnetic power and create more balance in their life and on the planet. Nandini is, in her own words, a ‘modern yogini in progress’, she is a sacred feminine awakener, a yoga and meditation teacher, an Ayurvedic massage therapist. Nandini regularly facilitates events including online women’s circles. The path of the Goddess found her in her Polynesian island at 14.
Nandini is also the founder of Kama Pleasure Abundance 108 and The Empowered Feminine Festival in Canberra.

Answering the call of the Rising Goddess

You can feel her, you can sense her. You forget about her, you forget about you. You hear her calling, you ignore it. You hear her calling, you ignore it again until the day you’ve had enough – enough of your pain, enough of the pain of the planet. You begin to listen, you start surrendering. And it may seem so big that you shut the door again.

In this session, Nandini will take you through an embodied journey of remembrance of your true nature so you can feel safe to deepen your listening and feel the call of the rising Goddess in you and in the world.

Underlying the obvious daily life responsibilities of our time, the imbalances and the wars, there is an unstoppable force calling us to step into leadership to raise the vibrations of our planet. This cannot happen with one but with many.
This session is calling those who feel that call. Together we will move our body in delicious ways, share, talk and explore the call of the rising Goddess in the heart where she dwells.

Rashmi Aggarwala Zimburg and Tina Chugani-Nair

About Rashmi:
Rashmi is a global citizen, mother of two daughters, passionate about food as a source of healing and energy. She has lived many different lives with careers in Finance, Cross Cultural Training and now as a Health Coach.
Rashmi has spent a lifetime acquiring awareness of global food cultures. In addition to growing up in India and the USA, she has accompanied her diplomat husband through various postings: Algeria, Indonesia, Austria, Japan and now Australia.

About Tina:
Tina has been blessed with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga since 2004. After completing her Teachers Training in 2008, she is fortunate to have shared this ancient and sacred teaching to fellow yogis in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and now here in Canberra. Last year Tina partnered with Rashmi Zimburg on a monthly Chakra Series that combined Kundalini Yoga Kriya, Meditation and Ayurvedic cooking. She currently holds weekly Kundalini Yoga classes from her home in Griffith. A Singaporean, Tina is in Canberra on a diplomatic posting with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She is also a certified Rainbow Child Yoga teacher and aims to start a regular kids yoga class soon.

The feminine seat of Love: Anahata

Your heart has not to open to others. Your heart has to open to yourself.” –Yogi Bhajan

We invite you to begin your morning by connecting with your heart and nourishing your soul. The Heart Chakra, which balances our earthly desires and spiritual pursuits, manifests through self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness. Kundalini Yoga is an excellent way to connect to the root of the 4th chakra, self-love. The technology of the kriyas works to strip away layers of junk and debris so we can discover our inner light. There will also be conversation about the thought currents that guide the imbalances in your heart. We will tempt your taste buds with spices and foods that feed your heart health with special focus on Ayurvedic understanding and recipes for women along with an introduction of simple concepts so that all your meals can be Ayurvedic meals.

Rozália Brien

About Rozália:
Rozália has crossed many paths in her life. As a young child she travelled across Europe with her parents. In her adult life her search truly began as her life changed dramatically at the age of 20, through a near death experience. This one event changed her from that day onward. Throughout her journey she has “explored” and completed many modalities, then in 2001, Rozália met the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and she was immediately in awe. Through colour and energy healing Rozália believes that promoting the flow of energy in your body helps your body balance. Rozália has a natural flair to guide and mentor intuitively.
Connect with Rozállia via her Authentic Priestess page:

The Language of Colour

Colour is a universal language. Each colour carries an array of messages that speak to the different levels of our experience. The seeds of understanding the language of colour is contained within each of us, and a knowing reflected in our everyday language, when we speak of feeling Blue, seeing Red, being Green with envy. We use colours to support us in our daily living whether we are aware of it or not, when we select our clothes for the day or when we decorate our living space. How often have your chosen a particular colour because it makes you feel good, or confident or it is calming, soothing or uplifting?
Colour is the language through which nature speaks.


About Toni:

Born in Queensland, Toni-Maree works as an Anxiety Coach in Canberra and throughout Australia.  Toni-Maree translates the latest in scientific Anxiety research and skilled knowledge; into practical, easy to understand tools for anyone feeling lost, overwhelmed or alone.

Providing strategies that really work, Toni-Maree encourages and informs her clients whilst supporting them to regain normalcy.  Toni-Maree empowers her clients to create calm, happy and peaceful lives; allowing them to more easily manage life’s ups and downs, re-connect and nurture themselves.

Toni-Maree’s kind-hearted approach and sensitive nature has a nurturing and calming effect as she provides you with personalised practical tools to apply in life.

Defining your Deepest Desires

Reconnecting to our true path begins with quietening the mind long enough, to allow us to delve into our desires and trust them to lead the way in our day-to-day.  

Too often in today’s fast paced, stressed-out, over achieving world; we lose ourselves in action and forget our desires, connection to soul, heart and feminine selves.

Together let’s define your deepest desires, so as to walk away with a greater understanding of who you are and how you can live a luscious life in tune with your wise, inner-self.  Gain practical knowledge and skills to enable you to regain calm and reawaken your life’s purpose.

Desire is such a deliciously provocative word.  Join me at the festival; in defining and savouring it.

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