Sound Healing and kirtan with Dayashakti Geeti & Friends

7.15pm – 9.30pm

Evening event open to all

Artist 1

Dayashakti Geeti

Geeti lives in Sydney and shares kirtan and sound healing regularly with the Sydney based group ‘Sound Samadhi’ playing Harmonium, Hang, Manjira, tampura and Tibetan singing bowls. Geeti completed her Naada Yoga ‘Heart of Sound’ teacher training in India with Anandra George and continues to study Indian classical music and singing with Sudhanshu Sharma.
Sacred sound and movement can awaken, soothe, heal and open us to a deep well of internal nourishment and connect us with the core of our being and the source of existence itself.

Geeti is also an accredited Soul Motion conscious dance teacher and Kiryuho Japanese Movement Meditation teacher.

Geeti will be accompanied by other musicians. Details TBA.

Sound Healing and kirtan with Dayashakti Geeti & Friends: Open the Heart, Open the Voice

We will begin the evening with an opportunity to fully receive, surrendering our bodies, minds, emotions to the ground while simply allowing the sonic tones and harmonic frequencies of an array of musical instruments, singing bowls and vocal tones to seep deeply into our being.
Through these states of relaxed and conscious listening we are able to naturally drift into states of being which bring integration, healing and balance as we release deeply held tensions in the body and mind.

From this place of deep integration and restoration we will come together to join voices and hearts in singing Kirtan, activating our shakti, our voices and power of expression that is so important for the feminine creative life-force to thrive. When we sing together, we are also practicing the art of listening and expressing at the same time which creates harmony and unity within oneself and the environment – this is the power of the Yoga of sound and of the feminine.

Kirtan is a form of Naada yoga (Yoga of sound) and Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of the heart) where combinations of sanskrit sounds (mantras) are chanted with musical and rhythmic accompaniment. This call and response practice experienced in a group setting has a powerful effect on the body, mind and soul. In the same way that asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices) help to open and harmonise the energy system of the body, the powerful effects of the sanskrit sounds also affects the energy systems and chakras of the body, helping us to release stress and self- consciousness so that we feel lighter, freer and in contact with a deeper connection to the more subtle and universal essence of our being.

Sound is a very joyful and efficient method to help us by pass the busy mind and connect us with the present moment though the simple act of listening. Kirtan can help elevate our thoughts & emotions, boost our energy and expand our awareness and can be practised by everyone, regardless of age or experience.

There is no need to have any prior musical background. Everyone is welcome!

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Details TBA

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